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Surface mount fuse advances circuit protection

UMT 250 Series Offers Breaking Capacity of 200 Amps at 250 and 277 Volts

SCHURTER demonstrates its continuing commitment to environmental responsibility by developing components that lessen pollutants and at the same time meet customers' increasing demands for design compatible products. The latest addition to Schurter's range of RoHS compliant products is the UMT 250 SMD fuse. The UMT 250 offers the utmost protection of products in its class with a breaking capacity of 200 Amps at 250 VAC, 277 VAC or 100 Amps at 125 VDC over a current range of 315 mA to 4 A.

Measuring a small 10x3x3 millimeters, the UMT 250 maximizes circuit protection while enabling significant advances in miniaturization. It is an ideal replacement for popular axial or radial lead through-hole fuses. It provides similar performance, yet occupies approximately 80% less volume than a typical microfuse or 5x20 millimeter cartridge fuse. Surface mount components also provide higher reliability and quality of connection to the printed circuit board. The UMT is solder immersion compatible according to IEC 60068-2-58. Its markings are clear, and visual identification of rated currents is easy for pick and place.

The UMT 250 SMD fuse with time-lag characteristic is approved according to IEC 60127-4 UMF (Universal Modular Fuse) . This is the first international fuse standard that is accepted by both IEC and UL. It is cURus (according to UL 248-14 / CSA C22.2 No. 248.14), with UL listing pending; VDE approved (according to IEC 60127-4); CCC approved and METI pending.

The UMT 250 time-lag characteristic, together with its rated breaking capacity, enable a wide range of circuit protection in 250 VAC primary applications, in particular applications with inrush currents that require sustained fuse performance. These applications include power supplies, battery chargers, AC/DC converters, IT equipment, health care devices, and consumer electronics. The UMT 250 is also cURus approved at 277 volts, which is typical for electronic ballast applications. It is available in 100 piece quantities or 2,000 piece reels for automated assembly. Lead-time is stock to 8 weeks, depending on current rating and volume.

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