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SCHURTER - Worldwide First Industry Level Multifinger Touch Screen.

SCHURTER has developed the first industry level multifinger touch screen - the MFO touch screen - with a controller for the mass market.

The MFO (Multi Finger Operation) touch screen is based on the renouned analogue-resistive 5-wire technology. A data input with two or more fingers at the same time is now possible with the MFO touch screen by SCHURTER.

For safety applications it is often required to make commands with both hands. This "acceptance-key" function is fulfilled by SCHURTER. With one finger the action can be requested, with the second finger, the command can be carried out - however only when both fingers touch the screen. For the aspect of safety it is also important in medical technologies, that certain actions are only carried out with two confirmed commands. Starting actions or changing configurations unintentionally by inadvertant contact is therefore impossible.

The multifinger operation of the MFO touch screen allows the user to open a submenu with one finger and at the same time changing or setting values with another finger. Wading though menus is therefore not necessary. Logging on to the system requires a CTR-ALT-DEL, this can be entered on the touch screen on a virtual keyboard. A hardware keyboard is not neccesary any more. Furthermore touching both the shift and other keys at the same time is now possible. A part of the screen can now be enlarged, made smaller or moved with the MFO touch screen with two finger gestures. The driver software for the MFO controller allows for an extensive gesture recognition, numerous functions are now available.

With the MFO touch screen new and various designs are possible for user interfaces, with diagonals from 3" -22" possible. The technology of the MFO touch screen can be combined with a glass surface, which allows for a scratch resistant surface for harsh environmental conditions. Optimal application ranges for the MFO touch screen include industrial machines, mechanical engineering, medical technologies, POI / POS, measuring systems, millitary, air travel, food industry, computer and displays.

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