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SCHURTER Spotlights its Smallest Fuse for Secondary Overcurrent Protection

Lucerne - December, 2006 - SCHURTER released the electronic chip fuse USF 0402 which offers very quick-acting characteristic with rated current values up to 5 A. The low voltage drop generates less heat dissipation in contrast to competitor products.

The current rating range reaches from 0.375 to 5.0 A with voltage ratings of 32 VDC up to 4.0 A, which is unique in the market and 24 VDC for the 5 A rating. The device provides a breaking capacity of 35 A at rated voltages and an operating temperature range of -55 °C to +125 °C .The fuse is designed to provide secondary overcurrent protection on systems using DC power sources of up to 32 VDC. Target applications are laptops, multimedia devices, cell phones, and other portable electronics, providing optimal performance in an extremely small package size 0402 (1.05 mm by 0.55 mm by 0.475 mm).The legend marking on each fuse allows visual identification. The fuse is UL approved and carries cURus approval and holds a Free of CCC certificate.The device is RoHS compliant and is supplied on tape either with 1k or 5k or 15k pieces.

prod //cdn.schurter.com USF-0402-alt-23982-62732