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SCHURTER AG heads the Swiss Cash Employer Award 2005 with the 1st place

On September 28, 2005 SCHURTER AG was awarded the SWISS CASH EMPLOYER AWARD 05.

With this award, Swiss companies are distinguished who show themselves to be well above average following an employee survey. The CASH survey is the only public survey in Switzerland in which employees can assess their employers.

The analysis shows the companies position in comparison to the participating companies ranked best. In this way the participants receive an independent feedback on their strengths and potentials for improvement. These results fully support the Business Excellence culture at SCHURTER AG.

Compared to the other participants SCHURTER AG demonstrated the highest ratings in the areas of company culture, strategy, management, flexibility, as well as possibilities for further training and development.

Employees and management at SCHURTER are very proud of this success.

prod //cdn.schurter.com CASH-Arbeitgeber-Award-Winner-2005-68033-121227