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Over-Current Protection for Primary and Secondary Applications

In niche markets with limited space, customers might look for a solution where SMD Fuses should be replacable without soldering. The successful standard UMT 250 has been extended for this reason with a clip option.

The UMZ 250 offers time-lag characteristic according to IEC 60127-4 and is a Universal Modular Fuse (UMF) with rated current values from 315 mA to 4 A. The product provides a high breaking capacity of up to 200 A at 250 VAC. The clip option allows a customer fuse replacement with the benefit that only the UMT 250 fits. This has the advantage that e.g. the technical specification in contrast to a 5x20 mm solution does not vary and spare fuses could be sold through the equipment manufacturer. With this setup, the manufacturer receives important information about equipment failures in the field. Gold cap are required, in order that the clip and the fuse are not soldered together in the reflow soldering process. As replacement, the standard UMT 250 can be used instead.

Technical Features:

- Current range: 315 m A to 4 A

- Rated voltage: 250 VAC, 125 VDC

- Time-lag characteristic according to IEC 60127-4

- Breaking capacity of 200 A @ 250 VAC according to IEC and for 35 A @ 250 VDC acc. to UL

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