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Medical standard and new occupational health and safety standard successfully passed

SCHURTER GmbH has successfully passed the initial certification for the medical standard according to DIN EN ISO 13485 as well as the occupational health and safety standard according to DIN ISO 45001.

The certification audits for the two standards took place in April 2019 and were successfully passed following a well-prepared and organised process.


The medical standard specifies the highest requirements for the safety of medical devices. By implementing the standard, we develop improved and more reliable processes and product quality at the highest level. With the successful certification of the medical standard, SCHURTER has created a competitive advantage for itself and can now increasingly address customers from the medical technology segment. In addition, customers from other segments also benefit from the optimizations and improved processes.

Occupational health and safety

In the area of occupational health and safety, the replacement of the previous OHSAS 18001 standard by the new DIN ISO 45001 standard published in 2018 will give increased consideration to the health aspect.

The new standard is about providing safe and healthy workplaces, avoiding work-related injuries and illnesses and continuously improving safety and health performance at work.

SCHURTER GmbH is thus the first group company to be successfully certified according to the new DIN ISO 45001 standard. Both new standards will be subject to annual monitoring audits in the future.

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