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All about fuseholders

SCHURTER is launching a special landing page with all relevant information on the subject of fuseholders due to the new fuseholder standard IEC 60127-6.

Fuseholders are safety-relevant components and are suitable for the use of fuse inserts in electrical and electronic devices. SCHURTER offers the world's broadest range of open and closed fuseholders.

The fuseholder standard IEC 60127-6 has been revised with the aim of improving fire protection. Accordingly, since October 2017, Edition 2.0 has required all fuseholders placed on the market to meet these new requirements.

All product variants which have been converted during production are listed in the downloadable overview table. The production batch date from which the new configuration was delivered is also listed here.

Thanks to a comprehensive range of products, SCHURTER is in a position to offer replacements for a competitive product that does not (yet) meet the new fuseholder standard.

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