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Script logos

Script Logos

SCHURTER’s Script Logos will give your products an exclusive and professional appearance. The manifold different options mean our Script Logos can be used on virtually any application or surface. Of course, the most important thing is that our Script Logos ensure your brand name is depicted optimally!

SCHURTER’s Script Logos are the perfect solution if you're looking for a professional and representative way of presenting your brand name.

Benefits of SCHURTER Script Logos

 • Exclusive look & feel

 • Unlimited options in terms of form and design

 • Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage

 • Resilient and robust thanks to flexible coating

 • Can be applied to virtually any surface

 • UV-resistant

 • Suitable for both small and large print runs

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3D Logos as a solution for your pictorial logo

Script Logos from SCHURTER are used in a wide array of applications! Script Logos are 3D Logos that ensure the perfect image for your brand name.

Customers from various industries and markets enjoy the enhanced added value that Script Logos provide. Customers from the consumer industry and the car market in particular love our Script Logos!

3D Logos for such things as vehicle lettering

As with our Dome Labels and Vinyl Stickers, our Script Logos will give your product or application tremendous pulling power. The graphic possibilities are endless!

Materials and Techniques

3D Logos for your pictorial logo - exude quality in style

SCHURTER Script Logos are produced using the finest materials. For the most part chrome is used, in any shape or colour. Furthermore, the finishing techniques provide added value, putting you streets ahead of the competition!

The major strength of SCHURTER’s Script Logos lies in the combination of materials and techniques used to perfectly present your brand name. Using techniques like embossing, lasering, printing and punching will enable you to give your application just that little bit more pulling power. It's also possible to preform a Script Logo in a radius, such that assembly on rounded surfaces does not present any problems at all!

Script Logos from SCHURTER - for virtually any surface

Our Script Logos can be provided with special adhesive layers, making it possible to use these 3D logos on virtually any surface. In combination with our Dome Labels you'll find that your pictorial logo and brand name are perfectly depicted.

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