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Industrial barcode labels: Give each product its own identification

Industrial barcode labels: Give each product its own identification


Each product deserves its own identification and Barcode labels from SCHURTER constitute the perfect solution.

The identification of your product is an important component in your logistical and quality process. It's even mandatory in many industries and markets! So we're sure you won't want to run the risk of this identification not being presented properly. With Barcode labels from SCHURTER you can rest assured that your product identification has been well covered!

Benefits of SCHURTER’s industrial barcode labels

 • Highly resistant to all kinds of external conditions

 • Various options in terms of adhesives and attachment methods

 • Suitable for both small and large print runs

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Barcode stickers - always a suitable solution

Barcodes from SCHURTER are used to identify your product, machine or other application. Our experience and expertise mean we know exactly what barcode sticker will be the best solution for your product.

By applying special techniques to each Barcode, each of our barcode stickers can be used in any market or industry. We're capable of providing perfect service for markets in which specific requirements are set. Products used in the medical sector, shipping or aviation each have different requirements and specifications. For each use we shall find a suitable barcode sticker solution in collaboration with you.

Data Matrix Codes on your barcode sticker

Nowadays, Data Matrix Codes are in common use to provide information for a product or identify its use. It goes without saying that we shall have no problem supporting you in this regard!

Materials and techniques

Permanently identified using barcode labels

We can use a large number of different materials and techniques to create the right barcode labels for you. Each use presents its own requirements. Our barcode labels will see to it that identification of your product is always clear and effective.

Barcode labels from SCHURTER can comprise a plethora of different materials. Many of our customers choose aluminium barcode labels. We can also use other materials to create the most suitable labels, such as plastic or stainless steel. The product, machine or use will determine the ultimate choice of material for your barcode labels.

Different processing techniques for your barcode labels

We use a variety of processing techniques to render our Barcodes suitable for your application. Anodizing, lasering, digital printing - there are plenty of possibilities. With SCHURTER you will be ensuring that your precious product will always be readily identifiable and the information is permanently in pristine condition!

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